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Power of Attorney International Driving Licence (PAIDL) is issued on the basis of the International Convention on Road Traffic dated November 8, 1968. and the Customs Convention on the temporary export, i.e. import of cars, i.e. means of transport, and in accordance with the Law on powers of the AMS of the RS (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 01/2009), the Rulebook on the manner and form of record keeping in the performance of public authority duties and authorizations (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 107/09) and the Rulebook on conditions for the performance of public authorizations and authorizations (No. 01-2-231/10 dated 18.05.2010). PAIDL serves as proof that the driver can use someone else's motor vehicle abroad, based on the authorization given to him by the owner of the vehicle.

Дозвола за управљање туђим моторним возилом у иностранству (ДЗУТМВ) служи као доказ да возач може да користи туђе моторно возило у иностранству, а на основу овлашћења које му је дао власник возила.


The personal presence of the owner and user of the vehicle is mandatory for the issuance of the PAIDL.

Documentation required for issuing PAIDL:

  • Valid identity card of the vehicle owner
  • Valid travel document (passport) or ID card of the vehicle user,
  • Vehicle license.

PAIDL is issued exclusively for vehicles, registered in BiH, on the basis of a valid traffic license for the vehicle.

PAIDL is issued for a maximum period of one year, i.e. until the vehicle registration expires, with the fact that this period can be shorter, if the owner of the vehicle so requests..

The PAIDL price - 20.00 KM.


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